We believe in a God that changes people’s lives with His Spirit. By working in our Farmer’s Field Schools, we have witnessed first hand, the amazing work of Jesus that has been happening for over 2000 years. The sick being healed, rain falling during prayer meetings and breaking a drought, children recovering from fever, the blind regaining their sight – the list is endless. God is a God of miracles!


I want to know the God you know

In Eshiola Parish in the region of Maseno, we were thrilled to hear during the church service that on the pre-FFS training course, where prospective farmers learn about how a FFS works, 10 people made public commitments to become believers in Jesus. They all came to the Church service and were blessed by the church.
We experienced many people have their illnesses or ailments healed during a time of prayer - impaired vision, fevers and back pain improved dramatically - all this impressed one gentleman (pictured above) so much that he raised his hand asking to become a believer of Jesus himself and then happily declared it to the whole church!

The greatest miracle we have seen is the love of God, active and having impact on people’s lives. Receiving the gift of new life through faith in Jesus brings joy, and motivation to embrace living.

Here is just one account given of the many lives changed:

"Before I joined  Farm School I used to beg for food every day. My children had poor health and I used to quarrel with my husband every day because of our lack of food.

I started thinking what to do so that I can have more food. I started a small business, but it didn’t last for long because I could not buy enough food from the small interest I got.

It was one Sunday when I went to church; the secretary announced the good news of starting a Farm School. After the service I gave my name just to try it out. When the school started; we were given seed and fertiliser by a Marketing Group loan and I applied all the knowledge I had been taught. By surprise I harvested seven 90kg bags of maize the first season of the year and in the second season I harvested four bags. This was like a dream to me! I could not believe what I was seeing.

Dear friends now I am happy with my family and have no more quarrels with my husband. I have learnt to plant so many crops which I can sell, and I can buy meat, fish, and sugar. I am so glad in my heart, my family has good health.

God bless you!"



Here are a few quotes from Farm School members:

"God is healing the land"

"It has brought a great change to our lives and all are praising"

"It has moved me closer to God: I can never go without saying thank you to God"

"God has been kind and set us free from sickness and provides meals for the family"

"My family has really changed – they now look healthy and really love God. We seriously appreciate this Project and pray that God keeps it going on"

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