Local Churches

A local church is a central hub for Just Earth farmer members. The traditional Sunday worship goes from vibrant song and dance to hands-on agricultural work, serving the poor and telling their story about God's great work.

The choir is pictured celebrating at a fundraising event for a church running FFS. During this event, a lady from the church brought one chicken as an offering to be auctioned off for food to raise money for a new church building. Neighbouring FFS farmers heard about her great generosity (she was known to have very little) and the following day, the farmers gave her three chickens, inspired by her generosity!

Rev. Joash Owila, the Priest on the left, is not only a church leader but also a friend and spiritual mentor to farmers in his Parish. Through the FFS he is now a successful farmer earning extra income for his own family, including several orphaned children he has fostered with his wife.

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