We are proud of our land and want to be able to produce enough food to provide for our families, sell for extra income and help those around us. Being a member of a Farmers’ Field School (FFS) is like becoming a part of a family that is committed to making a big impact – on our farms and in the community.

Sophia's Story

Pictured is Sophia, a farmer who has excelled in agriculture. Following her training in 2008, Sophia was awarded first prize from the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture. She had previously been struggling to grow enough maize and beans as staple crops but that’s all changed thanks to Just Earth. Now, Sophia is an inspiration to many and continues to develop her farm producing a wide variety of food, raising cattle, goats and chickens.

Joram's Story

Meet Joram, he’s a teenager who has been helping in the Orphan Feeding Programme and learning agriculture through the Orphan Farming Project with the help of FFS volunteers. He also manages part of his family farm and with the help of a neighbour, has developed a fishpond that has enabled him to provide fish for his family and to sell at market. Impressively, Joram has managed to pay for his Secondary School fees by selling his own produce. He loves to help other people, go to church and take every opportunity to pray for people who are sick – often with amazing results!

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