God has entrusted His creation to us and we have a duty of care. The Just Earth family is passionately committed to looking after our environment and working hard to make sure it remains clean and beautiful.

Our Farmers’ Field School (FFS) agricultural training programme focuses on looking after and taking responsibility for the resources God has provided us with. The FFS programme created by agricultural expert Dr.Apollo Orodho, includes many topics about caring for our environment such as:

  • Soil conservation techniques
  • Use of plant and animal treatments
  • Use of fertilisers
  • The use of organic fertilisers for soil health

In 2013 we trained two members of staff in our exciting new agricultural programme entitled ‘Farming God’s Way’. This involves methods of soil management that avoid any ploughing of the soil, but instead covering it with a mulch layer – just like nature intended. The water retention and soil health benefits from this simple process can be amazing – a trial plot has been established in Maseno that enables farmers to experience the benefits of using some of the Farming God’s Way techniques.

Pictured above are two cabbage plots at a Farming God’s Way centre in Kijabe, Kenya. On the left the conventional method of ploughing with no mulch cover is shown, and on the right you can see an example of no ploughing with mulch cover, a technique that has clearly produced bigger and more uniform cabbages.

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