When Jesus said he had good news for the poor he meant it!

The work of Jesus means food on the table and money to spend on living and business costs. We have witnessed dramatic economic transformation in people’s lives, for both families and entire communities.

For Farmers’ Field School (FFS) members we have seen:

  • 3-4x increase in farm production in their first year
  • Members’ families move from 1 meal per day to 2-3 nutritious meals per day
  • Excess food from harvests to sell, extra income earnt for living costs such as school fees
  • An average of 4 neighbours taught over the training phase by each member
  • Average family sizes are 8 per household which means that across all the regions involved, over 64,000 people from over 2,000 trained have been positively influenced
  • Over 200 farmers have formed savings groups to administer loans for business development

We see changes in the field - like from this, to this...

Mary's Stroy

Mary, a farmer trained by FFS in the Maseno area has experienced a dramatic turn-around by simply changing which crop she grows. Before Mary joined the Project, maize was her main crop, but struggled terribly with both the stony ground and with fierce competition for the produce from monkeys. During her farmer training, Mary learnt that she could successfully grow Napier Grass on stony ground, a feed crop that is in high demand for the local milk production from cows and goats. Now Mary grows a crop that monkeys do not eat, and that she can sell and in the process, makes enough money to feed her family and meet their needs.

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