An amazing year!

Posted: 14.12.2016

December 2016 update

An amazing year

Facilitator training in Maseno
This year, 2016, we have been truly amazed at the on-going expansion in Kenya, with 10 new Farm Schools across the Maseno and Kericho regions. We look forward to more opportunities arising for 2017! Now the farmers in Kenya are nearing the end of their Short Rains season. After very low rainfall in some regions including Maseno, still farmers in their first year of Farm School training were reporting increases with their yields of at least double (often more) that of before they received training.
In Haiti the Farm school in Marmalade continues to operate, despite significant challenges with the recent storm in Haiti. Many farmers are extremely positive about the training in the trial Farm School, and many more are wanting to join any future Farm Schools!

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An amazing year!

December 2016 update

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